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Amazing October Update

This has been quite a week and I want to start by saying thank you so much for all your support in spreading the word and generously donating to the kickstarter page. I am so filled with joy that all of you would like to be a part of this idea, Thank you so much. Recently the Treasure Island Museum Association and the SFMOMA Library have endorsed the project with amazing support and you can see an announcement about the project on the front page of the TIMA website website. I have also updated the “Thank you Awesome Peoples” page and all the backers are up to date. I can’t wait to see you all in person to truly express my gratitude. More updates and video coming soon

Amazing Support from the TIMA team, thank you Walt!

“Your Guide to Treasure Island” Video Update Week 1

Join Matt Fisher on Yerba Island to hear about how the 1st week of the kickstarter campaign went.

“Your Guide to Treasure Island” Video Update Week 1 from matt fisher on Vimeo.

SF Bay Guardian Article on “Your Guide…”

Thank you so much to Caitlin Donohue for her blog posting on SF Bay Guardian’s online site about the project and Matt Fisher’s experience shooting the island so far. This makes our first piece of press and we are ecstatic over here. The first video update is up for the editing bay today so stay tuned, more coming in this weekend.

90 plays in 4 days and chosen for “Staff Picks”!

WoooHooo! Made “staff picks” today on kickstarter! Thank you everyone for your 90 views so far and getting me to this point. Although this is awesome, we are still far from our goal so any word of mouth you can do in spreading the project is so very appreciated. To peep the staff picks and the kickstarter project, please head over to
More updates coming soon!

Kickstarter…is in the Building

I was able to release the kickstarter page today and am very excited to share it with everyone.  If you have a few minutes to watch a video and check out some other pictures that will be contained in the book, please head to  We hope you all can be a part, and I will be sharing the experience through video updates and emails.  Thank you all for the support!

Kickstarter is on the verge of release

Hello everyone, I have been busy getting the campaign underway and was foiled in the last step by an amazon verification.  Once that has gone through the project will go live for donations.  Its been a lot of work and I feel great about the project and this kickstarter experiment, can’t wait to show you all.  THANK YOU so much for all the support and patience so far, updates coming soon.


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